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I believe honesty is the best biography. As a realtor, you are there to guide your clients towards the best possible home for them. Why should they trust me? I have many reasons I could name but here are a few I am the most proud of. I am a 6th generation Texan. My family has been in East Texas since the early 1820's. Longview is my home town however I have lived in Gilmer, Jefferson, central and southern Florida . I am extremely knowledgeable about Longview and East a Texas in general. I love history. Once I sold a home to a client who was from out of state . To them it was a beautiful home. To me it was a part of history. It was the home of a former senator. Once I told my clients about the homes past it made it that much more special. The list of historical people who walked through the doors of their home was and is impressive. Yes they would have found out the history of the property at some point. I loved being the one to educate them on it. I feel being a real estate agent helps people connect with Texas and the great history of our state. I have been an agent for over 9 years and love it more each day. I am a multi million dollar producer and I treat each and ever transaction as if it were the most important of my career. I am an active member of Grace Creek church here in Longview. I served many years as a director on the board of The Longview Area Association of REALTORS® . I find mission trips to be a very rewarding and a Humbling experience. I am very happy to support a new ministry here in Longview named

Made To Love Ministries. Made To Love helps support and transition the homeless here in Longview off the streets. Please check out their Facebook page. I can not write a bio about myself and not mention something that's been in my life for over 22 years. Papacitas!! I have been employed with the restaurant since 1994.My position as part of the management staff has rewarded me many times over. Robert and Marilyn Hampton have taught and shown me first hand that you have to give back to the people and community that's helped you succeed. The kindness , love and support they have shown to their employees and the community over the years is unmatched. I can only hope one day someone thinks the same of me. I would rather build a friendship for life than make a quick paycheck.

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